Owner's Engineering

Owner's Engineering

AGMES Consultants offers comprehensive services as an Owner's Engineer, providing dedicated representation to clients during the entire EPC bidding process (engineering, procurement, and construction) as well as inter-utility affairs, electrical regulatory matters, and oversight of contractors' services, including equipment vendors and specialized professional services.

As an Owner's Engineer/Representative, AGMES Consultants understands the critical role of acting as an extension of the owner's staff to effectively manage all aspects of a project. Through close collaboration and partnership, we strive to help clients achieve their company's goals and ensure utmost satisfaction. In this capacity, AGMES Consultants provides a range of services to support and facilitate the successful execution of projects:

  1. Project Development Support: We offer valuable assistance in defining the project scope and establishing key performance indicators, ensuring clear objectives are set from the outset. Our expertise aids in developing an effective project structure and identifying the appropriate technology and technical expertise required for the project's successful implementation.
  2. Project Management Support: Throughout the project's lifecycle, AGMES Consultants provides vigilant project management support. We monitor the quality of project engineering, taking necessary corrective actions when needed. Additionally, we facilitate the construction management process, ensuring efficient and timely execution of the project. Our team actively tracks project cost and schedule, intervening with corrective actions as necessary to maintain project objectives.
  3. Start-up and Commissioning Assistance: As the project nears completion, AGMES Consultants assists in the crucial start-up and commissioning phase, ensuring a smooth transition to operational status. We prepare comprehensive operating and maintenance procedures to facilitate ongoing maintenance and management.
  4. Operational Scenario and Risk Assessment: Prioritizing safety and reliability, AGMES Consultants conducts thorough operational scenario and risk assessments, identifying potential risks and implementing mitigation strategies.

By engaging AGMES Consultants as the Owner's Engineer, clients benefit from our wealth of experience and expertise, resulting in a well-executed project that meets their objectives and requirements. We take pride in our commitment to delivering successful projects and providing unwavering support throughout the entire process.

For further information, please contact us at info@agmesconsultants.com